Skaidre Radomskiene

Meet Skaidre, a fervent leader and the proud President of PWN Copenhagen, where her proactive and inventive spirit thrives in service to the network. Passion is the throughline of her life, whether strategizing in a boardroom or enjoying a “hygge” moment with her family, comprising her spouse, three children, and a furry friend. With a robust 20+ year career canvassing roles in Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, Project Management, and IT Consulting, she has built a vault of knowledge and skills which she is enthusiastic to share with the PWN community. Her international work journey across Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Baltic States has not only enhanced her professional acumen but also enriched her adeptness in connecting with diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Fluent in English, Russian, and Lithuanian, and on a journey to master Danish, Skaidre is a global citizen, embracing and encouraging a collaborative and supportive ethos among her team members. Outside the professional arena, she feeds her soul by travelling, immersing in books, revelling in operas, and cherishing every precious moment with her family.⁣