Mentorship Program

CAREER EXPEDITION PROGRAM: Mentorship for women, by women.

  • From August 26th to November 25th, 2024.
  • Investment: DKK 2,700 for Non-members, DKK 1,450 for PWN Members. 
  • Apply here to be selected as a mentee

The Women's Mentorship Program in Copenhagen is a unique and empowering initiative tailored specifically for women, by women. What sets this program apart is the commitment and drive of the mentees. Recognizing the opportunities and obstacles unique to women's career paths in a Scandinavian country where the gender gap is less prominent, this 12-week program focuses on mentorship, professional growth, and networking. The mentees are the navigators of this journey, steering the program's direction and making the most of the resources provided. It's about individual ambition fueled by collective support.⁣

Program Structure and Content⁣

The program's structure combines weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with peer mentoring, group coaching, and special events. It's not just about personal growth; it's about building a sisterhood committed to supporting each other.⁣

⁣One-on-One Mentorship

⁣Mentees are paired with accomplished women mentors who have navigated similar professional terrains. These one-on-one sessions provide personalised guidance and support tailored to individual needs and goals.⁣

⁣Peer Mentoring and Group Coaching

⁣Participants also engage in peer mentoring and group coaching sessions, allowing for collaborative learning and shared experiences. This approach fosters a supportive community that encourages risk-taking, creativity, resilience, and collaboration.⁣

Events, Workshops and Networking

⁣Special events and networking opportunities are integral to the program. Participants can expect to connect with like-minded professionals and industry leaders, expanding their network and amplifying their impact.⁣

⁣Hybrid Model

⁣The program is conducted using a hybrid model, combining live online sessions with occasional in-person meetups and networking events in Copenhagen. This approach ensures flexibility while fostering a sense of community.⁣

⁣Mentors and Expertise

The mentors, all seasoned professionals, bring diverse expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, human resources, and finance. They are committed to guiding mentees on their unique career journeys.⁣

⁣Benefits and Resources

Participants in the Women's Mentorship Program can expect to gain valuable insights, develop leadership and networking skills, and connect with an empowering community. Support includes ongoing mentorship, access to resources, and post-program follow-up opportunities or volunteering and other offerings.⁣


  • Kick-off Call for Mindset Setting: Begin your mentorship journey with a growth-focused mindset. Align your aspirations with actionable goals to ensure a constructive program start.
  • Opening Event Meet-up: Meet mentors and mentees to kick off the program. Enjoy networking, refreshments, and an introduction to the program's calendar.
  • Goal Setting Session: One-on-one session to define and break down your career aspirations into achievable goals. Tailor your mentorship journey to your career path.
  • Mentee-Mentor Calls: Engage in six personalized sessions with your mentor to build a strong foundation, set actionable goals, identify and overcome obstacles, maintain momentum, and ultimately build a lasting career legacy. Each call is designed to provide targeted support and guidance to ensure your success throughout the program.
  • Peer Mentoring Session 1: Building and Leveraging Networks: Learn effective networking strategies and share experiences. Discover how to leverage networks for career advancement, regardless of your industry or career stage.
  • Mentee Check-in, Session 1: Review your progress, celebrate achievements, and address challenges. Ensure your mentorship journey is on track and supported.
  • Peer Mentoring Session 2: Personal Branding and Visibility: Explore personal branding and visibility strategies. Enhance your career opportunities by sharing and discussing best practices.
  • Check-in with Mentees 2: Review progress towards goals and address final concerns. Ensure a clear path towards your career objectives.
  • Humanity Tiles® Workshop: Explore personal and professional journeys. Engage in exercises to align emotions, thoughts, and behaviors with goals using a unique method.
  • Peer Mentoring Session 3: Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Relationships: Explore emotional intelligence in career success. Share strategies for navigating workplace emotional challenges.
  • Closing Event: Celebrate achievements and reflect on your journey. Share experiences, gain inspiration, and provide feedback for future improvements.

Become a Catalyst for Change as a Mentor

If guiding and inspiring women in their career journeys resonates with you, we would love to hear from you. As a mentor, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspiring professionals. Please reach out to Ana at to explore how you can contribute to this empowering mission.

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